THROAT CHAKRA Activations and NEW SUN CODES Beaming into YOUR ETHERIC BODY on the 7/7 Portal!

Throat Chakra Activations and Sun Codes:

Harness the Potent 7/7 - 8/8 Portal



Alien offers an orb of light

Prepare for an incredible surge of transformative energy as we enter the 7/7 - 8/8 portal. Initiates are now ascending to their highest timelines, and we are witnessing a powerful theme of CREATIVITY and the ENDING OF CYCLES throughout 2023, especially for starseeds and twin flames. Many of you have endured arduous journeys, but now is the time to rise above and embrace your true potential. This may be you if: 

You're having SLEEP DISTURBANCES, unexplained FATIGUE, sudden tummy troubles, increased thirst, a sense of disorientation as if your heart/soul are in a fog, "on vacation," or disconnected from reality, a deep knowing that a BREAKTHROUGH IS NEAR but also fears of running out of time, running out of grit, running out of energy, running out of health. You may, paradoxically, also be experiencing significant progress in other areas of your life, recent TOWER MOMENTS, and a recurring theme of CREATIVITY and new ideas throughout this year. If you resonate with these signs, barring any medical issues, trust your intuition; you will recognize if this energy update resonates with you.

Throughout these journeys, it's common to numb ourselves as a coping strategy. However, we are currently witnessing a profound "coming back online," "de-numbing" process that may not always be comfortable for everyone... Be patient and flexible with yourself and your plans; rigidity and criticism are not going to help you navigate this process. 

While being mindful of any physical symptoms that may require medical attention, give yourself grace as you embrace this potent novel energy and light codes as the PORTAL THEY ARE INTENDED TO BE... Allow the activations of your Throat Chakra and the infusion of Sun Codes to guide you on your journey towards alignment with your highest timeline. It's time to step into your authentic power and embrace the immense potential that lies within.

These journeys have been grueling. Think of the sensation of a square peg blindly jamming around, but instead of the *expected* possible unpleasantness of a round hole, there has been no hole at all. Anywhere.
In fact, it is beginning to feel less like a pegboard situation, and more like you are a fly desperately flinging itself into a closed window over and over.

To boot, you beat yourself up for not handling it better, for not being stronger, for not finding a crack through which to free yourself.

If that resonates with you, this message is for you, and right now, I would like to take a quick intermission.

 Move your body side to side in a gentle motion that feels satisfying to you. If you are in public, you may even simply rock from foot to foot. Take a deep breath, then another, then a third, trying to fill yourself with oxygen down to your toes when you breathe, as though you are a balloon being filled. Be patient with yourself as you catch your breath to your soul's content.

Once filled, envision a command board, not unlike on the console of a car or a computer keyboard. Whatever comes to mind is perfect for you. See, in your mind's eye, the main dial on the board.

This dial represents the ease with which your life flows.
You may think of it as a "flow" dial, a love dial, a luck dial.
You may think of it as "hard mode" versus "easy mode," if you prefer to think of it like that.
(You may notice it has dust, cobwebs and shreiking bats emerging from the hardware as you investigate, from being stuck in "hard mode" for eons 😭)
Turn it up as you breathe in.
Let yourself soak up all that you need -
Let every version of yourself through time and space, every dimension, drink up this divine frequency that you are turning up and bathing in now.
Let each facet of you through all dimensions ask and receive from their own leaf in the cosmic book, and take relief in knowing that you don't need to manage this, to know it, that it is done automatically, like the beating of your heart.
With love, for you, for all. Take your time here, there is no rush.

As you finish drinking in the last of this divine and satisfying gift of the cosmos, give gratitude for this transmission of Love and Light from our Central Sun.


Dear Beloved Friends,

I am thrilled to share with you a NOVEL SOLAR EVENT that awaits us all. As we bask in the radiant energies of the open portal from 7/7/2023 to 8/8/2024, rapid shifts are happening across the globe within the collective consciousness. Right now, as we bathe in the nectar of the opening portal, RAPID SHIFTS ARE HAPPENING ACROSS THE GLOBE WITHIN THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS and there are "nodes" within the fabric that connects us that are LIGHTING UP to serve as conduits of love in this collective ascension.

Give your soul permission to soak in the codes and energies, to explore its truest and deepest desires.
Depending on your personal life path and your place on your journey, you may be ready to accept that you both DESERVE and are CAPABLE of having those things now, and be prepared to shift into that timeline.

Acknowledging that this might feel like a monumental task for those who have endured the trauma of a dense 3D world, I assure you that it is not only possible but also achievable for you. Remember, you can embark on this journey at your own pace, whether it be with the gentle guidance of your spiritual guides, completely behind the scenes with the assistance of a practitioner, or by taking small, incremental steps supported by free resources and guidelines. Your journey is unique to you, and you possess the inherent worthiness and capability to make it deeply fulfilling and aligned with your true desires.

As we navigate this transformative phase, I encourage you to tend to your throat chakra, the powerful center of expression and manifestation. Speak your truth, Pay special attention to the nudges and glimmers you are receiving. 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, I bless you tenderly with a WATERFALL OF LOVE from the COSMIC MOTHER...🐬


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