Intentional Living Course: Day One

From Numbness to Oneness: A Journey into Mindful Living

Instead of awareness of the present moment, we often find the subtle hues of life muted by the routine of daily existence. This is a path where the symphony of living becomes a mere hum, and the vibrant colors of our soul fade into the background. If you have found yourself to my corner of the internet, I'm sure you "know" you "should" be more mindful. We all "know" we "should" sink our teeth into the NOW, appreciate what there is to appreciate, let the bad roll off our backs, and soak up the magic.

But it's so dang boring.

I don't know what the deal is in the spiritual community, but everyone seems to be overlooking one vital aspect of this whole manifesting, happiness, meditation thing:

It's fucking boring as hell.

Am I going to use the infinite power of my mind to focus intently on doing the dishes, on appreciating the miracle of soap, on the luscious slide of the bubbles across my hands and the sparkly citrus scent in the sink? Am I going to use my willpower to give gratitude for the miracle of running water, for food to clean up in the first place? Am I really going to be mindful during something I have to do every day when I could daydream about something else...?

To fully immerse yourself in a moment of pleasure, awakening each of your layers to the experience at hand.


Choose Your Moment: Start by selecting an activity or moment that brings you pleasure but is often rushed or taken for granted. This could be your morning coffee, smoking a cigarette, eating, bathing, a glass of wine. For many of these moments, we indulge not in the pleasure of the vice, but in the chatter of our minds. This is because it is fun to listen to our thoughts, it is fun to be free, and savoring the moment requires focus. Instead of judging yourself for being too lazy to focus on a cup of coffee, have compassion for yourself. Focusing takes energy and will until it is a habit, so make the habit easy to start by being very nice to yourself and by choosing something you truly enjoy to savor.

Prepare: Whatever activity you choose, set yourself up for success. If it's coffee, brew it in your favorite mug. If it's your commute, choose a route that offers scenic beauty or comfort, and a great playlist. Ensure you have everything you need, so there's no reason to rush.

Set a timer for seven minutes and try to spend them really IN THE MOMENT with your chosen pleasure. Engage your senses. Try not to think. If you find yourself daydreaming, congratulate yourself on the time you managed to spend without daydreaming, and try again. Have a love affair with that damn glass of wine. Feel it in your body.

Do not let the simplicity of this exercise mislead you about its power!! Try it and text me your experience, I love hearing the hot gossip fresh off the astral presses. 702 983 3430

Awakening to the Present:

In the art of mindful living, we uncover the sacred gift of awareness — a treasure hidden beneath the layers of busyness and distraction. Have you ever felt the numbness that settles into the corners of your being? Oftentimes, living in the world humans have created here, the present moment can be not only boring, but painful. Numbness is a journey marked by the ticking clock, on our heaps of distractions, rather than the rhythmic beat of the heart.

As we wrap up our first day together on this intentional journey, it's essential to realize that awakening doesn't mean abandoning our daily routines or sidelining the everyday. Instead, it's about infusing each moment, no matter how routine, with purpose, presence, and wonder.
In fact, it can be very lucrative and very, very fun to do it loud, proud, and provocative -- even if it's in the privacy of your own heart.

While the road to mindful living might seem cringe at times, it's in these moments of deep cringe and deep delight that we awaken to ourselves and create lives worth living, and it's okay to bribe yourself to get there. The path from numbness to oneness isn't about flawlessness, but progress, which often involves weirdness. Embrace the excitement, cherish the unexpected, and remain receptive to the infinite possibilities ahead. Tomorrow, we'll dive even deeper, uncovering more strategies and insights to guide you on your intentional living journey. Until then, remain engaged, stay inquisitive, and above all, remain true to yourself.

Tuned in for better or worse,

Hayley 🌿🌟

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