Intentional Living Course: Day Two

Hello my little zip zaps,

As we link for our second day together, I dare you to stoke up your courage and commit to living a life less ordinary.
We mostly drift through life, settling for whatever we can settle for.
Everyone knows bone-deep there is more to it than this.
This can't be it? Just buying thinner tvs and getting heart disease?

Listen, there's nothing wrong with my skinny tv and I can't promise I don't have heart disease, but I can promise you that I chose to live a weird life in that I would, at the very least, do it on purpose.
It can be scary to choose something for yourself, to decide you want it, because then you can fail yourself.
To procrastinate on choosing is a convenient lie we tell ourselves, because what we are really choosing is to not be held responsible for how our lives turn out.


So I am here to show you how to be brave, trust yourselves, discover and CHOOSE your grandest wishes, and develop the gall to achieve them.
And to tell you, from the other side, that you will probably fail...
Into something greater.

The numbness and the disconnection comes from dulling yourself to the pain you are feeling...
Of denying yourself the chance to achieve your heart's desires.

When I started on this journey, I was too numb to even KNOW my true desires.
So if you are there, I love you! I know you. I see you. You are so perfect. Do not be ashamed, you are right where you are meant to be;
STEPPING INTO your POWER, right now, TODAY! :)

To awaken to every pleasure and synchronicity available to you, you must be made available for everything, including the horrors and the boredom, and our society encourages the easy way out: a life of dissociated overconsumption.

However, spiritual "gurus" and "experts" will often sell an equally boring or pious alternative instead of the electric and dynamic god-force available to us.

The journey into mindful living begins with the simple act of acknowledging the numbness that has settled within. It is an invitation to break free from the chains of habit. Numbness is a habit. Daydreaming is a habit. Fault-finding, in yourself and others, are habits. Telling yourself you have time to choose, time to act, is a habit - a habit you should break. Telling yourself you don't care is a habit - and a lie. You can use your focus to rekindle a deep connection with the glittering, exhilarating essence of life, and this week, we are going to have fun doing it. No sacrifice, drudgery, or hours of silent meditation are on the menu.

Guided reflection

One Question to Change Your Life

"What does my inner being want to do today?"

Unlocking the Real You:

If you had ALL your needs met...
If you had the house of your dreams, your dream partner(s), all the money you and your loved ones could ever need, if your body felt and looked how you want, you had obtained every object of your desire, and you didn't have a single thing to chase...
Once you got bored of reading every book, catching up on your shows, napping, shopping, and eating bonbons, once you finally got up, feeling restless and antsy, what would you create?
How would you spend your time?
The answer to what you'd do in those moments of boredom holds the key to unlocking the real you.

Discovering Your Passion Playground:

Whether it's creating art, exploring new landscapes, or teaching your community, your response reveals the playground of your passions. It's not about what you should do; it's about what makes your heart race with excitement. So, spill it! What sorts of things would you dive into if every day was a canvas, waiting for your creative brushstroke?

Sometimes, from numbness all the way to complete freedom is too big of a leap. But I invite you to let yourself run as free as you can be, and to come back to this question often, as your mental limits fall away, and as you grow.
So, what would you do with total and absolute freedom?

This isn't just a hypothetical question; it's an invitation to tap into your deepest desires. Let the boredom of your inner being be the compass guiding you toward a life that truly resonates with your soul. The journey starts with that one question — what's your answer?

Oftentimes, the first things that come up will be dripping with doubt.
I would invent a rocket, but I have no money to do that so it's a waste of time to think about.
I would start a clothing line, but I can't just quit my office job to make dresses and hats.
I would write, but I'm not very good and I have nothing to say, better daydream about something else.

My sincere answer to the question was:
Lay in bed texting with my friends and listening to music.

And my SECOND HALF, the part I want you to silence, was But that's obviously impossible. LMFAO! Maybe I could find something that appeals to certain elements of that...let me get thinking on this......

And I wasted many years trying to
1. Logic my way into a job that I could settle for and
2. Eradicate my laziness

I worked lots of jobs, easy ones, lazy ones, weird ones, and bad ones, trying to find Prince Charming.
I did lots of "inner work" to try and become someone hardworking, and although I did work myself into a froth and develop some workaholic tendencies, I wore myself down, working against my natural self.
Pushing myself to work 60 hour weeks, sometimes manual labor, to fix myself into someone who would want something else, I got sick...and miserable.
Then I started listening to my inner guidance again. Going through the processes I teach in my Lifepath Activator course, I started making huge shifts, and fast.

And then I found a job that I do from my phone, laying down in my jammies, chatting. It pays very well and it's not illegal or immoral.
I'm a telephone psychic!
I can't believe I wasted so many years trying to change myself or chase something I knew I didn't want instead of just finding something that matched what I wanted.

This is not to convince you to become a telephone psychic, but to trust your desires instead of judging your desires or deciding that they won't work before you give them a chance.


So I want you to silence the second half of your sentences for now. Just break off that clunky, doubtful part and put it away during this exercise. You can always come up with excuses later. For now, I want you to STOP heading yourself off at the start. Let the thought take full form within you. Don't limit yourself. Jot down everything and anything that comes to mind. It might be incredibly specific, or very broad. It may be pleasure-focused or altruistic. The point is, this is not the time for self-criticism.

It's okay if you can't get all the way there on the first try. There is no deadline, and you can change your mind at any time. I change mine every day!

There is nothing too important to do with this information right now, so I encourage you to give yourself some time and freedom to run wild. Do you see any patterns? Any common threads running through your ideas? Or maybe they dovetail nicely with a talent or connection of yours?

These first little glimmers are the magic within you.
I know your impulse is to follow them to completion immediately.
For now, just let them marinate.

Yeah, really. This isn't a high-pressure thing.

Let your fleeting impressions have their way with you and enjoy learning something new about yourself... we'll pick this back up tomorrow.

If you want to take an extra step, make a vision board or collage to represent the ideas you had, but only if the idea excites you.

Did you discover something cool about yourself? Shoot me a text - I love hearing from you guys. 702 983 3430

Your On Switch

You've just begun healing from numbness to oneness and explored the game-changing question that could redefine your path. Next, it's time to hit the "on" switch and illuminate the path of intentional living.

Intentional living is your secret sauce — a transformative force that turns every moment into an opportunity to thrive. It's about breaking free from autopilot so that you can live a satisfying and sparkly life. Your potential is boundless, waiting to be activated by your focus.

But like I said, I'm taking it easy on you. For now you are marinating in your own sauce from our exercise, and being nice to yourself.

So look out for tomorrow's gem:

We begin studying unity from a pleasure perspective and exploring your own god force for rapid transformation. The real you is waiting, and there's a fun new treat waiting for you every day this week. 💗

Get ready to flick that "on" switch, and let the radiance of intention guide you to a life that satisfies your soul.
I swear I'll take it easy on you.

Infinite sparkle and shine,

Hayley 🌈🚀

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