preorder: DIRTY MONEY : a multisensory shift

preorder: DIRTY MONEY : a multisensory shift

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A series of immersive multimedia experiences that are specifically designed to transform your relationship to, and understanding of, money and abundance on a vibrational, soul level.

If sitting and learning was the old way,

this is the NEW way.


This is more than a course...

These are a set of experiences.

Think of them as not subliminals but ULTRALIMINALS. You won't be sitting in study, trying to convince your mind of the concepts. Instead, you will be communing with and  introducing your energy to them.

Forget long-winded ramblings from Gen X guys with low T who think they're Tony Robbins

I'm a full-time working psychic and Reiki healer in real life, and on the text-based app, Soulight. You can see my real reviews and real energy work offerings from a real third-party platform on my profile here.

As a clairvoyant, I see energies with an extrasensory ability.

This vision allows me to see fate's threads across timespace and manipulate auras.

I use my gifts to help people solve their problems and manifest their goals on Soulight. It's my dream job; I would do it for free. I love it so so much. These clairvoyant gifts allow me to better explain some of the spiritual knowledge you already have within you on a soul level. I do it for my clients on Soulight, and I do it here, in Dirty Money. One of the ways this program is so transformative is because it is a concept you innately understand; you just need to give it words.

For this reason, this isn't an average online "course" where you watch video modules and complete activities...

This isn't school. You only need a weekend -- two days, perhaps three, to consume, understand, and apply all of the content in Dirty Money..

It is easy to understand and embody. Truth often is.

At launch, you will receive a set of ultraliminals to help you integrate and embody this new shift.

1. AURA: bathe in sound

2. TRIP: see with new eyes

3. JOLT: experience dynamic text that captivates

This program is different than a video course of someone droning at their webcam for hours, no disrespect intended.

That was the old way, but those of us on the leading edge are feeling our way into a new way of being.


This isn't some ten-week snorefest you will never finish.

I don't want to watch another "webinar" or complete another "module" as long as I live.

Again, no disrespect intended.

If you like the classic format, that's wonderful -- there are a billion courses out there for you that will fit the bill.

But for those of us who want to embody, integrate, and ascend into the teachings that truly transform, Dirty Money is an otherworldly multisensory experience for the open-minded and adventurous.

You may not understand everything you encounter -- you're not meant to.

Some of it plants seeds in you that will blossom over time, some of it remains subconscious throughout your lifetime, but will begin to transform your reality behind the scenes today.

Never again will you half-finish a handful of video essays clogged with information you will never act on. This is the only online money course you'll ever need to take -- because it is immersive and therefore personalized by you, for you...

And because it can be finished in a weekend, you can complete it before you lose momentum or get pulled away by your other obligations.

Imagine taking a day and a half to really nurture yourself through the experience of understanding Money in an empowering, albeit controversial, way.

Imagine returning to your responsibilities feeling empowered and transformed into a version of yourself that has that area of your life mastered already.

You'll only wish you did it last weekend!


So if you want to finally start your "real" life,

the one you have been putting off for eternity,

work with me!

Lock in your access at the special preorder price TODAY

It's essentially risk-free because I am a real person who runs this business and you have multiple ways to reach me and tell me "hey this wasn't my cup of tea, I want a refund," and it'll be no big deal.

Some people aren't ready to integrate this kind of vibe, and that's totally okay!

That's how vibes work; I promise I won't take it personally, love.

But I am super confident that you will love it.


Spirit designed this bad boy down to the last detail... and promised to drop this in the laps of only those who were ready for it.

If you're feeling called to this, you are absolutely chosen!

If you're feeling hesitant, don't get it yet 🤷

you're not ready, and you haven't quite been called.

Don't worry, the seeds we are planting today may blossom into eagerness in their own time.

You can't force fate.

Trust me, you will be feeling a tingle throughout you if you are ready for Dirty Money...

Champagne bubbles swirling just beneath your skin, light and airy, expansive and excited...

If you are ready to blow the lid off the spiritual blocks that are binding you and experience the kind of financial alignment you used to daydream about when you were a little kid,

the kind of unhindered, joyful daydreaming of infinite resources,

of love and blissful creations that satisfy,

the kind of creation you dreamed you would be able to do when you finally were free from the bondage of childhood,

only to be replaced by the bondage of economy..


If you have the grit to put money in bondage the way she wants, you can finally feel the incredible abundant freedom you have craved since birth.

Preorder this course, today.

See you on the other side of the money vibe~

Psychic Star

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