NEW MOON IN GEMINI: Tap into Your Intuition. Psychic Star Signs! 🌙 i can't believe it's time for a summer brag letter already

NEW MOON IN GEMINI: Tap into Your Intuition. Psychic Star Signs! 🌙 i can't believe it's time for a summer brag letter already

Hello my cosmic besties.




I peaked at #7 as Soulight's favorite psychic this week, my personal record!


I'm also moving into a new house, UPGRADING all my abilities in a truly gentle and empowering way, & launching new projects..



I feel like I was gifted energetic improvements on my Hawaii retreat with Keeva. It was SO restorative ughhh


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A glowing review from a generous client.

Funny thing is, SHE is the fabulous person - she is seeing her own beauty in me.



As a work-from-home psychic who sets my own schedule, I've learned to tune into my natural rhythms and work in focused bursts, followed by rest and integration.

It's all about honoring that ebb and flow.

When I try to force myself into "go-go-go" mode, ignoring the signals from my body and mind, I hit a brick wall. Call it the universe's "pause button" – no amount of force or inner bullying can override it!



Oracle cards reading "emotions," "integrity," and "change," from The Journey deck.

I've tried pushing through that pause button, fueled by determination (and rage and research chemicals).

But here's the thing: the work I produce when I'm forcing it falls flat.


It's like my creative well has run dry, and all that comes out is a weak trickle. And you know what? That output is disproportionately poorly received, too!

You were doing quite well, catching up with the Great Vibe Shifts of 2024. Then, just when you think you've caught your breath, the cosmos throw us a curveball. 💫 Like the recent new moon in Gemini – it came out of nowhere, didn't it?

Suddenly, we're juggling new circumstances and events, just when we were getting a handle on the last vibe shift.

dont mind me im just more exhausted than ive ever been in my whole life lol



Oracle cards indicating challenges involving interpersonal drama.



Okay, yes, there are always things that need our attention.

Deadlines to meet, projects to wrap up, business to attend to.

But here's a hard truth: if you're not taking care of YOU, that to-do list isn't going to get any shorter...

You generate a never-ending to-do list that is directly in response to the amount of CRAP you let yourself and others put on you.

YOU choose which rules you adhere to beyond the law 🤭.

Which social constructs serve you well and which don't??


You can wear unflattering clothes to the store, people.

You can be uncomfortably honest, so long as you are kind, and still be a good person.

You can run the dishwasher or washing machine twice. Take the reins off.

Burnout is REALLL... And when we're running on empty, everything suffers.

So, what's the solution? It's time to "refill your own cup." 

Every time I hear that phrase, a piece of my youth dies 🙏🏻🙏🏻

What the fuck does it mean?!?!

Laying in bed all weekend watching House reruns, getting bloated bc dairy, and hitting the penjamin danklin is all I have the wherewithal for at the end of a long soul's journey such as this.

Fill my cup with Franzia, bitch.

But seriously, "filling your cup" isn't necessarily about indulging in guilty pleasures.

Sometimes that is what is needed, and sometimes..that is not. 🫵🏻

It's about parenting yourself; knowing what's best for you and giving it to yourself, regardless of what you may want.

It's about replenishing your inner reserves.

Would a good parent let their child push-push-push, go-go-go, or encourage a well-rounded and wholesome life? 🫥



Wild Prarie Oracle cards encouraging ease and play.


Fine, but how do you refill?

It's different for everyone, and cliche bubble baths and mugs of tea might not get you there, but don't knock them until you've tried them.

Every time you journal, meditate, or take a walk outside for your wellness and happiness, a fairy gets her wings.

And here are a few less-instagrammable ideas to get you started:

Immerse yourself in ideas that spark curiosity.

Is there a topic you've been wanting to dive deeper into?

Now's the time to crack open that book, take that online course, or explore a new podcast. Learning something new can be a powerful way to energize your mind and call new, FRESH energy forward. 

My website is a great place to start, with tons of exclusive content to fuel your curiosity and growth. I will be posting blogs and collective readings here!  What exactly are you waiting for..?

Practice self-compassion.

We're always so much kinder to others than we are to ourselves. Treat yourself with the same care you would a close friend.

What would you say to them if they were feeling drained? Probably not "suck it up and keep going," right?

That's not an acceptable way to speak to someone.

If you are being a parent to yourself, or a friend to yourself, a lover to yourself, and a lifelong companion, you might want to nurture that relationship with healthy communication. 🤡 

It will increase your self esteem and make you a better parent, friend, lover, and companion to others, too--

But fuck them.

This is about u angel bby 👼🏻


Soulmate Confessions


Tap into your inner world.

You know, that place you're always critiquing and judging? Give yourself permission to go GENTLER there, too.

Guided meditation sessions, therapy, even just taking a few minutes to tune into your breath – these can be powerful ways to reconnect with your own inner reserves, making the day flow freer. Ready to take your self-care to the next level? Check out my shop!


Let yourself soak up some of that healing energy you're always giving out to others. Your object of focus will still be there when you're feeling refreshed and renewed.

What's meant for you will always find you.

Remember, the most important project you'll ever work on is you. So, hit that pause button and listen to your intuition. It's guiding you towards what you need, not just what you want. Honor that, and watch how the universe rises up to meet you.

Have a cosmic weekend,
Psychic Star

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