I want energy work/a psychic reading.

Awesome, you'll only wish we met earlier, trust me. 💗 You can order on Soulight if you're shy, or I take every payment method here on my website. Talk to you soooooon

Can you unite me with my ex / twin flame / SP / POI?

This is my specialty. Read my (independent, third party) reviews for testimonials!

Can you _________?

I can move energies of any kind for any purpose. Read my (independent, third party) reviews for inspiration.

I didn't get all the days on the Intentional Living Course.

We are working on fixing this bug. Thanks for your patience 🐞


DIRTY MONEY is a trailblazing ultraliminal sensory experience. In the privacy of your own dwelling, you will interact with the multimedia delights and paradigm shifts presented in DIRTY MONEY. Ready to leap into a new financial matrix? Preorder here.

Do you offer coaching? I want to be a professional psychic!! 

I offer coaching on an *extremely limited* basis. Demand for this service is extremely high, and supply (of me) is understandably low. You can reach out to me about this here.

Are the decorative elements raised off of the journals or are they printed on the cover?

They are printed to order in the USA. We are developing a line of reiki-infused charms and talismans for those who want a 3D effect! Join the mailing list to be notified when they drop.

What is so special about the journals?

These aren't just journals! The books are infused with distance reiki and every detail of the cover art is designed to activate a particular vibration within you. Every word you write within its pages will begin to resonate with the embedded energies. Even just carrying the book with you is a potent reminder to allow yourself to receive, and the symbols and art are designed to harmonize you.

My teachings are mainly about unity and intentional living, and I try to honor my purpose and my intentional living ideals by offering a product that I think is superior in every way, and infused at every step and in every fiber with intention.

Are there prompts in the journals?

Nope! While the journals are lined for ease and flow, they're blank and primed for your personal touch. And for those seeking guidance, stay tuned! Planners and activity books brimming with thoughtfully crafted prompts will be available soon!

Will you be bringing back the diy ritual kits?!

This is my most requested item!! I make every piece by hand, source every talisman, and boost every ritual, and due to the time and labor required, they are a limited item. Join my mailing list to be notified when they are available, as they go quickly. 

Can you make me a journal for _______?

I am only taking wholesale requests at this time! Thanks!

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