Is it just me or was that eclipse the most intense mf in recent celestial history

Is it just me or was that eclipse the most intense mf in recent celestial history

Okay well if you survived the VIBE SHIFT ECLIPSE of 2023, you have earned my deepest respects because that was no joke. 

I felt like I was being steamrolled by something spiky.

And NOW I feel invincible!


The vibe shift almost aches, it's so creaky and clunky. We are moving energies that have been LONG, long stagnant. Many of us are churning up old, ancient anger, stirring old, tender trains of thought, and nursing old wounds. Be gentle with yourselves and with one another.

If I could give you any advice for today, it would be: you have felt the movements of the turning tides within you, and yet you still doubt?
Please go outside, go find the path we have carved out for you, and walk along it today.
And chill the fuck out while you're at it.

A great thing to do for yourself today would be a tea ceremony. If you don't like tea, any beverage will do, but here is what I would recommend:

Orange Thyme Basil Brew for Eclipse Energy Woes

You will need:

the peel and juice from one orange, bonus points if you have a zester
one sprig of basil (or a teaspoon dried)
two or three sprigs thyme (or a tablespoon dried)
sugar or honey, to taste

Brew and strain well. (If you're in a pinch or a #lazygirl, tazo wild sweet orange is great for this, and as a vodka mixer 😵‍💫) 
Sit in a comfortable position with your cup and drink, deeply inhaling the aroma.
It is good now to sink into the moment with your cup, to feel the cool mug cushion against your lip and clink against your teeth, to notice yourself slightly recoil at the heat of the tea, to notice where the different flavors light up on your tongue.
Each of these impulses is in and of themselves a gift to you, to your body, and you are being flooded and inundated with these signals now.
Your calm and tranquil exterior is housing a fireworks show of nervous activity, of sensation, a deluge of stimuli, a true experience, if you will tune into it.
And as you sit calmly at your center, you may ask yourself what shifts, what changes have occurred, what did the eclipse burn away within me?

Nothing short of a reality shift occurred yesterday during the eclipse and you may be reeling. Some rest, compassion, and gentle movement will do you well, if you can make space for these. Be sure to write down any impressions that come up during your tea ceremony, or any other time. 

I am also being guided to nudge you toward a cleansing bath, whether that be with water, smoke, or sound.

Each and every reader is now receiving a FREE remote reiki mini-calibration: simply sit back and allow the energy to flow. Right now, you are receiving a transmission from me.

Since energy knows no time or space, at the time you are reading this, it is my intention that the transmission I sent out when this was written makes its way to you now, to activate, harmonize, and balance any newly transmuted energies and to enhance your energetic resonance.
Thank you for co creating this with me; your gratitude is palpable from here.

If you would like a personalized, full-length reiki calibration for the new eclipse energies or for any other purpose, my spots fill up fast! You can book here, or at my etsy.

I am wishing you the most restorative Sunday on record; you need it, my darling.


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