2024 energies

2024 energies

happy new year, starry-eyed bbs!

i'm relaunching this blog and it will be cross-posted to substack

i'm star, a clairvoyant and clairaudient psychic with two decades in practice. so let's dive in.

2023 was a really hard year for the collective. it was a year of preparation, where not a lot of things reached completion. attempts to get things off the ground were frequently fumbled, and the timing has been off. the energies swung from light to heavy frequently, and a lot of us felt off-kilter.

luckily, 2024 is looking to be much more rewarding, satisfying -- if still a bit chaotic.

there is a maternal cooing coming from the cosmos to assure us that there are brighter days ahead. cling to this, and be a part of the solution in your day-to-day life:


    • be kind, truly.
    • consider others.
    • make the right choice, even if it is inconvenient.
    • prioritize the good of the whole, not just yourself.
    • do better.
    • be healthy!
    • practice gratitude.
    • see unity instead of looking for separation.

the cloud of chaos that has been hovering over the past few years is part of a great stirring up of energies -- one that is allowing us to settle in a more satisfying pattern. if you could see from an aerial perspective, you would never worry or fear. the overwhelming force of love governs this planet and will never be eradicated or overcome. the abundant codes from earth cannot be stamped out.

so, if 2023 was a bit lackluster for you for reasons you can't quite put your finger on, just know that it was likely planetary. there are some beneficial shifts happening right quick, most notably pluto. there has been an incredibly frustrating, anticipatory, "on the brink" sensation that just never came to a climax. many of us spun our wheels, banged our head against the wall, and tried like hell to make things happen, but the timing was off. and it was humbling. exhausting. a little humiliating.

but! we learned a lot, we grew and changed in ways we had prayed for, and we strangely had a lot of fun amidst the struggle, chaos, and doom.

2024 promises to be the harvest season for the seeds you have been planting not only fruitlessly this year, but since 2021, 2017, as far back as 2001 for some of you i am seeing.

it will NOT come without struggle. one of the most annoying things about the spiritual community as it exists right now is that it claims to be able, in some way or another, to eradicate suffering. suffering is an essential component of life that is intended to be worked with, befriended, and welcomed.

although it might not come as soon as you are hoping for, success is fast-approaching for many of you in january -- in love, career, or life path. there was an early surge of unions for twin flames globally in 2023 as the collective suffering over the past few years fast-tracked some of us into one another's arms. but if you were not lucky enough to be among them, don't fret: i am seeing a HUGE surge of unions for 2024 through 2026. join my mailing list to be notified when you will be available to chat with me about twin flames and other SPs! most of my content is free, so you're really missing out if you don't sign up.

don't forget that twin flames aren't just about love, nor are they even really primarily about love, but about life path.

since time in nonlinear, each of our lives has laid across timespace as part of a huge cosmic mandala. we are in unity, each of us a thread in the collective fabric of consciousness. we share one soul, experiencing life from slightly (or largely!) different perspectives.

so, with a surge of twin flame unions comes a surge of fresh, new energy, abundant innovation, transformative technological advancements, and meteoric change -- for everyone, not just those achieving union. destinies are activated, the akashic records light up, and change washes over the collective. combined with pluto's new position in zany, genius aquarius, life is feeling seriously NEW this new year.

thank god.

if you purchased the crystalline business activator on pre-order, i already reached out to you about upcoming changes!

my content is changing a lot, as i shift the focus of my offerings.

i just returned from the most amazing family vacation. my wife-to-be and i took our kids on a truly magical trip for christmas. i was basking in the might of this universe at every turn!! my best friend joined us for part of it, and serendipity seemed to be joining us too. it was a really welcome win at the end of a crappy year.

it feels weird to call it a crappy year because so many good things happened. i asked keeva to marry me on 8/8, and for reasons unknown to me, she agreed. and i was blessed with ever-increasing job opportunities and growth, which i am grateful for. but between setbacks, health issues, the global suffering and the stagnant, murky energies, i felt absolutely claustrophobic for most of the year.

SO HERE'S TO A BETTER 2024!!!!!!!!!

i love you guys to moon and back, to pluto and back, to the demonic realm of the instagram entities and back, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

~ star

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