the KING and QUEEN of Swords together..a surge of Twin Flame unions?! 👀

the KING and QUEEN of Swords together..a surge of Twin Flame unions?! 👀

Hey little stars ;))))))))))))🌟✨

Welcome back to our weekly dose of collective guidance. I've pulled three tarot cards for us: Queen of Swords, the Six of Wands, and the King of Swords in reverse. Let's see what they wanna spill. ☕️

So I'm so intrigued to see both the King and Queen of Swords here, especially because we have the feminine counterpart showing up UPRIGHT and first, and the masculine is blocked, reversed, and trailing behind. This duo is all about clarity and discernment, which is what you have been RECEIVING from the divine. PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO ANY "BREAKTHROUGHS" or "EPIPHANIES" available to you this week: they are wrapping up karmic cycles for you, past lives, and the whole collective!!

The Queen of Swords is that quiet voice inside you that knows exactly what to do and how to stay calm, even when things get confusing. This week, she's urging us to cut through the noise and get real about what's true for us. Don't be afraid to speak your truth and ask for help. Clarity is your superpower right now. 👑

Next, we've got the Six of Wands. I KEEP GETTING THIS CARD, this promise that we will be recognized for all our hard work during this super lame and stagnant period. This card is like that moment when you finally see the results of all your hard work. It's time to celebrate, stars! Acknowledge yr wins, no matter how small they seem. Your efforts are GOING to pay off, and that's something to be proud of. Let that confidence boost carry you forward...! 🏆✨

But here's where things get balanced. The King of Swords in reverse is like a gentle reminder to stay humble. While clarity and success are amazing, we can't let ego get in the way. Stay open, stay flexible, and don't get too attached to your own way of thinking. There's always more to learn. You may think you have the perfect plan, but once you open up and express what's inside, don't be surprised if the energies aren't quite ready for a resolution; this King's world is upside down 🙅‍♀️✨

I pulled some oracle cards for extra insight. We've got "Pine Tree: Vitality, Longevity, Perseverance" and "Watering Can: Asking for Help, Sharing Burdens." The Pine Tree is like a wise old friend, reminding you that slow and steady wins the race. With the full moon in Capricorn and Saturn retrograde, it's all about putting in the work and trusting the process. Plus, Watering Can is your nudge to stop going it alone. Ask for help, delegate, and let your community support you. 🌳💧

I love the gorgeous harmony in these cards. The Queen of Swords wants us to be clear and focused on our long term vision, just like the Pine Tree persevering through the seasons. And that Six of Wands victory? It's all thanks to your hard work and determination, just like the Pine's enduring strength. 💪🌲

And then there's the King of Swords in reverse and the Watering Can, reminding us to stay humble and ask for help. It's all about collaboration and community. By being open to new ideas and supportive of each other, we can build something way more powerful. 🤝✨

I also pulled some career and finances cards because, why not? We've got SHEDDING, PROGRESS, SIGNS, and NEW LIFE. Even though this deck is about career, the themes are universal... how you do one thing is how you do everything, after all🌙✨

SHEDDING: that deep cleanse you've been putting off. What's holding you back? What beliefs, habits, or even people are you ready to release? put firmly in the past? This should have been shown to you over the last full moon. What do you need to drop, to creates space for, just like the Queen of Swords cutting through confusion?🌱✨

PROGRESS is your friendly reminder that every step forward, no matter how small, is a win. Celebrate those victories, just like the Six of Wands. Each step you take gets you closer to your dreams. 🏆✨

SIGNS is like the universe winking at you. Pay attention to those synchronicities, those gut feelings, and the opportunities that feel like they were meant for you. Stay open and receptive. The signs are there, you just have to look. ✨🔮

&&NEW LIFE? The ultimate fresh start. Welcome this new chapter with open arms. There is SYNERGY here, where every step in the right direction advances every other avenue, so chase that upward spiral!!

On a personal note, this energy has been hitting me hard. I realized I wasn't showing up as my best self for my family, and that needed to change. I had a major breakthrough about how my wife and I can better support each other, and it's all about sharing the load in ways that utilize our strengths more wisely. It's going to require more effort and attention to detail from me, and for me to step out of my comfort zone. But the changes I am asking for will have a positive effect that ripples outward infinitely! Don't be SAY what's inside, you are a divine node of cosmic light, goofball..

So, here's the takeaway for the week: Embrace clarity, celebrate your wins, and EXPECT foibles as you get your King-of-Swords plans off the ground. Meet yourself with grace and keep going. Stay open to the signs around you. And remember, you don't have to do it alone. The universe is always supporting you, and so am I!! [Scroll down and save the image below on your camera roll. It is infused with reiki energy especially for the specific blockages and challenges in the universal energy] 🌟✨



Stay connected to the vibe, and I'll catch you on the next one.

With all my love and light,

Psychic Star 💖✨

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